We always believed, that if we provide value and surpass our customer's expectations - our business would grow, one customer at a time. Many years later, there is still nothing we like to hear more than when a client voluntarily calls or writes us to rave about their technicians, the results, or the overall experience we provided to them.

Here are just a few of those comments:

"I enjoyed and admired how the technicians were dressed and how they conducted the cleaning professionally. They explained the cleaning in detail that included the pricing, areas to be cleaned what has to be move and many more."

 Monique in Orleans

"I have used ChemDry By Edward on many occasions and I know that for my family to have a clean living environment I always call ChemDry By Edward."

 Jennifer in Durobin

"What I like about ChemDry By Edward is the 30 days guarantee. This is like insurance to me because I do not have to worry if there is any re-cleaning to be done."

 Tanya in Rockland

"Edward has all the skills that make him the best carpet cleaner to ever enter my home. He is exceptionally thorough and takes his time to make sure all the spots, dusty corners and other important areas are well taken care of. Thumbs up for Edward! I will always call him whenever I want quality cleaning from a trained professional."

Violet in Barrahaven


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#1 The most thorough cleaning you have ever experienced or it's FREE! I am so confident in my system and my technicans that I offer you an " Un-heard of-in the industry" guarantee. If you are not happy with any part of my cleaning, I will be back to re-clean those areas for free. If you are still not happy YOU DON'T PAY.

I can not offer you a cheap brush the dirt off the surface cleaning. If that is what you are looking for I respectfully ask that you call someone else. BUT, if you want the Cleanest, Fluffiest, Healthiest, Longests Lasting Carpet Cleaning at a reasonable price, please give me a call, I'd love to talk to you

#2 30 Day Warranty. Should a stain re-appear after we are long-gone, we will return to remove it - FREE of charge.
#3 Spot Removal Guarantee.  If we are unable to remove a stain and you find another company who can remove it without replacing or damaging the carpet... we'll pay them to do that for you!
Does the air in you home seem stale? Great News!